Service Offerings

  • Scanning Services
  • Legacy System Conversion
Scanning Services

PDI has provided volume production document conversion for over 14 years. PDI can reprocess electronic images/documents for the purpose of document creation, archiving, Indexing or Hosting on off-site servers.Document images and index data can also be formatted for release to your specific database.
PDI has established document security protocols that insure security during the scanning process. Our commitment to quality results in our 100% guarantee for every job we complete.We utilize various imaging software products to process files during conversion.
The determining factor for choosing the software(s) to be used for each contract is entirely dependent upon the customer's needs and what they wish to accomplish in the short and long term.Precision Document Imaging stands ready to address both your high-volume back-file projects and your day-forward scanning needs.

Our services include:

  • Document preparation/re-assembly
  • Black/white, grayscale and color scanning
  • Image enhancement
  • Image indexing/verification
  • Quality control
  • Delivery via CD/DVD, portable USB drive or Internet FTP
  • Web Hosting option also available

Additional Service Options
  • Formatting images and index data for release to a database
  • Metadata formatting for release into your document management system
  • Output to an image-only or searchable PDF file format
  • Transforming images into editable text using OCR (optical character recognition) software.

Legacy System Conversion